My offer stands.  If they ever need anyone to play the prodigal son in the next Hollywood epic, I’m available for the part!  :0)

I heard this song during a time when I was feeling very far away from God. A non-Christian friend of mine invited me to a concert by Greg X. Volz.  He said the guitarist was killer and he knew I would appreciate him.  I didn’t know at the time that Greg was the former lead singer of the Christian rock group Petra.  So, here is my Jewish friend taking me to a Christian rock concert.  I had no idea that God would use that concert to change my heart.  The guitarist was indeed amazing, but the lyrics are what touched me that night.  This song brought tears to my eyes.  It is one of those things (“Holy Spirit”) that can’t be explained, but I knew it was the song of my heart singing to God that night.

The song is called, “Will You Take Me Back?”

God used that song to touch me in a very profound way that night.  It still does today.  God was meeting me where I was and he used my non-Christian friend to do it.  Awesome…

“Will You Take Me Back?”
Mike Schmitz

Took a lot of courage
To talk to You today
And there’s something else
I really can’t define
Like to burn all my bridges
But I can’t seem to find a light
I’ve got to know
Just where You draw the line

Will You take me back
Will You take me back
Didn’t know what I was losing
Till it was already gone
And I realize
I never should have let You go

I want to feel You with me
The way I used to do
And get carried off
By all the things You say
But I can’t take it for granted
We could have it all again
Though it’s what I’ve always hoped for
When I pray

How do You rebuild
What used to reach so high
When rubble covers
Everything in sight
But You can make a way
Where there just is no way
Please don’t leave me
Like a blind man in the night

Will You take me back
Will You take me back
Through the tears my eyes are opened
And I just have to laugh
As I realize You never really let me go
As I realize You never really let me go

This is the promise which He Himself made to us: eternal life… Underneath are the everlasting arms.
—1 John 2:25; Deuteronomy 33:27


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