Auschwitz Through the Lens of the SS

auschwitz_thru_the_lens_of_.jpg I was browsing through some old links today and came across one that I had visited some time ago. It’s called Auschwitz Through the Lens of the SS. It’s a stunning piece of work and shows a side of Auschwitz you may have never seen. Of course, some of the images are very disturbing.

Courtesy of Yahoo! picks:

In 1944, a German SS officer named Karl Höcker was stationed at Auschwitz as an adjutant to the camp’s commandant. During the time he was there, the Nazi official kept a scrapbook. But this isn’t like any Auschwitz documentation you’ve seen before. In these images, Höcker and other camp leadership and staff relax at a wooded retreat, hold sing-alongs, and smoke cigars. Josef Mengele, the camp’s monstrous doctor, smiles and socializes. SS auxiliary women lounge on deck chairs, snack on berries, and get caught in a rain storm. Höcker lights a Christmas tree.

In January of this year, these rare, unnerving photographs were donated to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Now, the museum has made them available online, along with background on Höcker and a moving comparison with the “Auschwitz album,” the one other known photographic collection from the camp. The contrast between the two is terrifying, and unforgettable.


3 thoughts on “Auschwitz Through the Lens of the SS

  1. faithwalk

    David, I spent quite a long time at this site when you firat posted the link and it is both sobering and thought provoking.

    My mother had a very good friend who lived in Germany who was part of the Nazi youth corp during Hitlers reign of terror. Indoctrinated as a kid and without much choice really, being part of this was how she survived, but in later years it haunted her to have in any way been associated with it and what she experienced paled in comparrison with what those working in the camps must have expereinced.

    As I looked at the pictures I wondered how each one got there; and what happened to sear their hearts and conscience to where they could do what they did and still laugh and smile.
    It’s rather chilling and knowing the history of the culture, how after WW1 german society took a turn that our nation is rapidly heading towards.

    These “monsters” were products of a society that devalued certain groups of people that were a burden or unwanted; the elderly, handicapped, the unborn…
    then the Jews were added along with other minorities, chrisitans included. As children they were desensitized and brainwashed. I fear for todays children educated in public schools who are likewise taught to believe a lie, where all that is good and of God is mocked.

    May the Lord have mercy and may we as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ do what we can to touch the lives of others with His love and truth.

    Grace and peace to you David, I pray all is well!


  2. Evi

    I have seen that side … as a woman with a German degree, I have seen all sides. Still, my heart breaks for all those involved. The Lord works in mysterious ways … and as Christians we must remember that all can be forgiven in the ways of our Lord.

  3. Steven

    I was 11 when I first immersed myself into the world of Rudy Weiss.

    Nearly three decades later, in August 2005, I met an elderly Jewish lady from Amsterdam, who never recovered from the trauma of seeing her father snatched from her at Theresenstadt on Yom Kippur, in 1944. She vowed never to mention the name of God again.

    Let us all pray that she and all the walking wounded on both sides of the fence change their minds and open their hearts to God’s call, before passing on into the next life.

    “Lord, unite Jew and Gentile in the offering of the precious body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ, Lamb of God.

    Pour out a double portion of the spirit of Elijah onto the nation of Israel and prepare Jewish tabernacles to receive in full the gift of God, that is, the forgiveness of sins and life everlasting, at no cost”.



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