Thankfully challenged?

thankful.jpg Blessed1 has challenged her fellow blog-mates to post thanksgivings on Fridays. Well, since I haven’t had much worth saying lately, I thought I’d take her up on that challenge. I am thankful for so many things: family, friends, food, shelter, a job. But for this installment of Blessed1’s Thankful Friday’s, I thought I’d offer up a prayer to ask the Lord to help us to remember to be thankful. After all, it’s so easy to forget, isn’t it?

Lord, there are so many things for which we are thankful. So many things you have given us and done for us. Help us remember the many blessings you have given. The world offers so many distractions that steal our time away from our loved-ones and from you, the real life giver. Help us see when get so caught up in ourselves that we are blind to the joy and beauty of your creation that surrounds us. Help us show our thankfulness by giving when we are tempted to take. Help us pray with a thankful heart. Help us to be thankful for the smallest acts of kindness shown to us by showing kindness to others. Help us be thankful for what we have and not moan for what we want. Most of all, help us never take for granted the birth, death and resurrection of your son our savior Jesus Christ. Through him we are given the gift and promise of eternal life with you. Thank you. It is in his holy name I pray. Amen.


5 thoughts on “Thankfully challenged?

  1. blessed1

    What a humbling post my friend. Thank you thank you thank you for this wonderful prayer that we all should take time to pray. My heart is blessed by this. Thank you for posting it today. I hope you count your blessings next week and post on them next Friday! May God bless you this week so that you discover what He’s given you.

  2. divinescribble

    Beautiful prayer! I should’ve read this last week when I was contemplating all the carp that happens in my life instead of joyfully going about my day because I do have so much to be thankful for!

  3. faithwalk

    Your prayer resounds within my heart David, may we see through the eyes of those who are truly blessed and have a grateful heart for all the Father has given us in Jesus Christ.
    We are most blessed to be His children, and that our Lord and Saviour calls us brother, sister, friend…

    Father I agree wholehertedly with my brother Davids prayer and ask that it be so. Thank you for the abundant life you’ve given us in Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord!
    Thank you for you salvation, for your eternal gift of life and Your love!
    I ask for forgiveness for the times I have complained about our present circumstances and mourned for what’s lost, when you have so bountifully, amazingly blessed and provided for us!
    You are SO Faithful, so merciful and kind!
    May we come before you with thankful and joyous hearts each day for truly you you are worthy to be honored and praised!

    Blessing to you David! May the love, joy and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be yours today and always!



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