Bacon, bacon, bacon!

zits_comic2.jpg I found this on my desk this morning. A friend of mine knows about my genetic disposition to high cholesterol and how much I like bacon! It was a great way to start my day with a laugh! (Click the image…)

Oh, I’m pleased to report my HDL is 60 and my LDL is 92 (thanks to Zocor, diet and excercise). Time for a greasy bacon cheeseburger!


5 thoughts on “Bacon, bacon, bacon!

  1. blessed1

    Bacon bits or bacon…either way…it’s all good! Hey would you be interested in posting your blessings every Friday?? Check today’s post out and see if you’re interesting. I think the more people that spread the word the better. Sorry for what seems to be like a spam comment….I promise it’s not intended that way.


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