One Minute Languages

oneminuteirish.jpg I came across a cool site called One Minute Languages.

One Minute Language teaches you the basics of a language in a series of, you guessed it, one minute lessons via the website or podcasts. The idea is to introduce you to a new language from scratch. Each language features ten lessons covering greetings, talking about names, saying you understand or don’t understand, counting and making friends. I subscribed to the Irish podcast, but they also have German, Polish and Russian one minute lessons.

Not sure if they plan to add more languages or increase the number of lessons, but it’s a good way to get a taste of a new language.


5 thoughts on “One Minute Languages

  1. faithwalk

    David you are right, I am interested! I love languages and have always wished I’d taken the time to learn a dozen and keep up on the two extras I used to speak fairly well. And Irish / Gaelic! Great!!!
    I’ll check it out in the morning and give er a go.

    Thank you for the link and David, it is good to see you back!

    Many blessings and much joy to you always!


  2. Mark

    David, One Minute Languages is a new venture from Radio Lingua and we will be adding more languages in the coming months. We’re recording One Minute Norwegian next week and have Mandarin, Scottish Gaelic and Luxembourgish lined up. There will also be programmes in Spanish, French and Italian in the near future. We’re not quite sure about a second level yet – it depends on the reaction to the first series! If you’re interested in learning a little more of a particular language we also have other podcasts available, notably our Coffee Break Spanish and Coffee Break French series. Best wishes with your language-learning!


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