An eye opener…

My buddy Aaron has an interesting and somewhat worrisome post today. Are we (Americans) too comfortable? Complacent? Can’t happen here?

Read it here…


3 thoughts on “An eye opener…

  1. timbob

    Greetings. These are indeed perilous times, however, I cannot help but remember Elisha when he was in Dothan and the Syrians surrounded the city. He prayed that the Lord would open the eyes of his servant and his servant saw the angels about far outnumbering the Syrians. God changes not and Psalm 91 is still true. The events coming upon the earth, both the hypothetical and those which are already in motion should cause us all to draw closer to the Lord Jesus. It indeed isn’t a time to be fearful but to be strong in the Lord.

    Thanks for linking to an eye-opening post. Most of us are indeed too complacent and I pray that we all would be mindful of the times that we are in.

    Have a blessed evening in Christ.



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