Teenage Driving & Cell Phone Tragedy

This story breaks my heart. It also feeds my anxiety.

Having a daughter that just graduated from high school makes this horrible story hit home very hard. I am utterly heartbroken for the families and friends of these young women whose lives were just beginning.

Five recent high school graduates perish in a head on collision, authorities suspect cell phone text messaging may have contributed to the crash.

17 year old Bailey Goodman had just passed another vehicle on a two lane road when her SUV swerved into an oncoming tractor-trailer. Her vehicle crossed left into the oncoming lane. Authorities were able to determine that her cell phone had been in use receiving a text message less than one minute before the crash.

Who knows if Bailey was the one using the phone. We will never know. We also don’t know and will never know if it contributed to the accident or not. Drugs and alcohol were not involved.

We can’t drive for them. We have to let them go.

My daughter has been given the “don’t talk on the phone, jack with the radio, eat, tail gate, etc.” lecture and I always tell her to be careful before she leaves the house. She politely says, “I will, daddy.” I know she thinks she’s invincible. I thought so too at her age. But I also want her to realize how a split-second of carelessness can result in tragedy.

I can’t imagine how the parents of those girls feel. I just pray for them during this time of unbearable heartache.


7 thoughts on “Teenage Driving & Cell Phone Tragedy

  1. Stef


    I watched this story this morning on the Today show. This was awful. I have younger kids and I think about things they will be doing in the not too distant future. Driving is one of them. I know what I did in cars when I was younger, and it was not smart at all. Then I think about what I do in the car now, not much smarter. Cell phones, CDs, radio, seat adjustments, eating. I am surprised at times that I am still alive. I know that some angels have been driving for me at times.

    Thanks for posting this and challenging us to pray for these families during this time.

  2. Rindy

    An accident happened in a town near here that killed 5 girls–just inexperience. I know that I am a very poor example–I eat, text, talk on the phone, and all–my kids actually tell me how it bothers them (have not had accident or tickets but it’s not ok). I definitely have to do better–we talk about it and how inexperienced my son is when he is driving but have already seen how more “relaxed” he is….it’s so scary…

  3. totaltransformation

    “I know she thinks she’s invincible. I thought so too at her age.”

    I must be so different. At that age I was a bit too focused on my own mortality and thought sometimes that as a fireman I wouldn’t live to see 21. And that didn’t upset me, since I saw such a death as honorable.

  4. donna-in-NY

    This accident happened about 15 miles from where I live…I placed a post on my blog the morning after…..it has been a tragic and sad time for this community…..very very sad…


  5. Carol

    It is very sad, here in Australia the incidents with young drivers being killed has started a lot of controversy, whether to only allow them to have one passenger or to have curfews for young drivers… It doesn’t matter how many times you try to instill in a child, not to speed, etc., there will always be one who will think it won’t happen to them….. my youngest, who is now 24 , and a very responsible adult and in fact is a police officer comes down hard on the youth in her area for speeding, talking on mobile phones and general skylarking etc., She recently confessed to me packing in 7 kids in her little V W at the age of 17 and driving them all across the city.Thank goodness she is very responsible now… I at the age of 18 tried I myself tried to out run a police car 🙂 fortunately I lived to grow up…I think young drivers mostly all do some stupid things and realise it before it is too late..Unfortunately it is very sad for those and their families who don’t live to grow up..

  6. Shirley

    This is just the saddest thing. I do believe text message is a problem when people are driving their cars.

    I pray comfort for the families who have lost their loved ones.

    Shirley Buxton

  7. DulceDiana

    It’s hard to believe sometimes the power of a split second.

    May God provide comfort and peace for the family members.

    PS: I have tagged you with a meme.


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