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I’m always on the look out for new music. I especially love exploring the Indie Christian market. I’ve been impressed with the variety, level of talent and quality that I’ve at IndieHeaven. Check out the Top 20 Radio and Fan Faves to hear a variety of what’s there. Fellow blogger Fred McKinnon has some music out there.


16 thoughts on “Indie Music

  1. blessed1

    I will check this out. I always listen to KLOVE and their sister station Airone. If you’ve not checked out KLOVE…go to their website at

  2. Fred McKinnon

    Hey –
    WOW – thanks for the plug! It’s 11:32 PM .. I’m winding down scanning some blogs and I was so blessed to find your post. IH has been a great source of new music, and more importantly, friends in ministry. Kudos to them for a great resource. My rendition of “Forever” is on the Fan Faves charts now .. you actually drive it up the charts by ‘voting’ for it each day (one vote per IP) … so if you have the time … share the love!

    Thanks again, I’m totally blessed!

  3. Harry Offutt

    Indieheaven has hundreds of musicians, many ready, willing, and able, and many learning how!

    You can check out some serious talent….
    I highly recommend these artists….

    So start there and explore on. Many artists link 10 artists on their page! If you like them, leave a comment and encourage them! We are all thankful that indieheaven gives us a great resource that allows us to be heard!

    You can hear my music at:

    Thanks for mentioning !

  4. Keith Mohr

    Hey! Thanks for the kind plug, really appreciate it.

    Indieheaven is more than just a website, it’s an organization for independent Christian artists who share a common mission, to reach the world for Christ using the tool of music.

    INDIEHEAVEN is for ALL independent artists who have a relationship with Christ. Regardless if you desire a record deal or you want to be a successful indie, feel called to the church or called to the world, INDIEHEAVEN can help! From the outside, INDIEHEAVEN is a fan/listener/consumer driven website. But on the inside, INDIEHEAVEN is a support system for independent artists who rarely find support anywhere. INDIEHEAVEN’s mission is to EMPOWER, EQUIP, ENCOURAGE, EDUCATE, ENRICH, ENABLE, and ENGAGE artists on their music mission! (We like “E” words:)

    Here is more info..
    INDIEHEAVEN has been online NON-STOP since 1997. INDIEHEAVEN is the most POPULAR indie Christian Website in the world.
    INDIEHEAVEN is based in the heart of the CCM industry, FRANKLIN, TN.
    INDIEHEAVEN has more relationships in the CCM industry and INDIE-STRY than any other indie organization and is well connected to key decision makers.
    INDIEHEAVEN also offers its members an UPWARD PATH through alliances with key strategic partners. Our artists tell us more things happen for them through their INDIEHEAVEN profile than anywhere else on the internet.

    Check us out at:

    Keith Mohr

  5. Connie S

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the Indieheaven plug. IH is a great place to check out some amazing artists that most haven’t heard of… I would encourage you all to check it out.

    If you’re interested in listening to some other great indie music check out these artists:

    Wendy Jepsen (Utah artist)
    Connie Scott (that’s me, Wyoming)
    Isa C. (San Francisco, CA artist)

    That are so many, but just thought I would shout out a couple.


  6. Judith Baker

    Thanks so much for your support of Indies. I am a fellow indie and member of Indieheaven. This group of fellow indies are awesome and the whole membership thing has been a God send. I am blessed to share space with these God fearing and talanted musicians. Even more blessed to rub elbows with them. They are my family! Thanks again for your support. It means alot!

    Judith Baker
    US Army, SFC (Ret)

    Registered Song Evangelist, Christian Recording Artist, Songwriter, Speaker, Studio Musician

  7. faithwalk

    Thank you for sharing this, I have never heard of this before and I really enjoyed some of the artists! Whats your favorite so far David?

    And the Ross tribute was a kick, even though I had never heard of him either. Beginning to feel like I should get out more these days, feeling a little out of touch… πŸ™‚

    Blessings to you,


  8. David Post author

    Susan – it’s hard to point to a favorite because I have such an eclectic taste in music. I just finished listening to:

    In the Real World by Brad Reynolds
    My Father by 1 a.m.
    I Want by Bread of Stone

    There very different songs from one another, but each one touched me in some way.

    Music ministers to my soul more than any other art form. With or without words.



    HEY ROCKINRON here who really likes playing GREAT CHRISTIAN MUSIC. finding many indie songs that i like, that lift up JESUS, that fit with other artists im playing. love to share SATURDAY NIGHTS 7pm central til mid (summer 8pm central til 11 as well ) would love you to tune in and check it out.
    playing artists like FRED MCKINNON, bread of stone, harry offutt, drew davidsen brad reynolds and much more to listen

    enjoyed reading this as i am working third shift. want to share and also find GREAT INDIE SONGS.

    p.s. i am excited to start reporting my indie songs to crw soon.


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