To Write Love On Her Arms

twlohalogo.gifMy daughter and her best friend learned that one their mutual friends from youth group is a self-mutilator…a cutter. Needless to say, they were very upset. They wanted to help, but didn’t know what to say or do. They had no idea what she had been going through. The good news is, she’s been getting help, has a church family that is supporting her and she hasn’t cut herself for 5 months. She told them about an organization to which her counselor had directed her. The name of the organization is “To Write Love On Her Arms”.

To Write Love on Her Arms (or TWLOHA) is a non-profit organization based originally in Orlando, Florida whose purpose is to spread awareness and support for people involved in self-harm. The organization was founded by Jamie Tworkowski, and is currently based in Florida.

To Write Love on Her Arms operates under the umbrella of Fireproof Ministries, which also promotes and xxxchurch.

The organization’s main vehicle for achieving widespread recognition is the exposure it has received from musicians and bands such as Underoath, Anberlin, Switchfoot, Showbread, Copeland, Sleeping at Last, Thrice, Sullivan, Jimmy Eat World, Meg and Dia, Jonezetta, and Paramore, some of whom have been known to wear the organization’s distinctive t-shirt in photographs and performances. Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco have also been seen wearing TWLOHA shirts.

To Write Love on Her Arms was started in response to a story told by the founder about a young woman named Renee who self-mutilated. Tworkowski was inspired by how a group of people brought her onto the road of recovery. Since then, TWLOHA has sought to ameliorate self-harm through donations, dissemination of inspiring stories, and counseling.

The story of how it all got started is very touching. It’s a great example of the church reaching out. PROFANITY WARNING: The “F”-bomb gets dropped once.

I encourage you to explore the website. I also encourage you to pass this along. You never know.

Read the story.

To Write Love On Her Arms official website.

To Write Love on Her Arms official Myspace.

Watch the video…


9 thoughts on “To Write Love On Her Arms

  1. Rindy

    Everyone finds a way to deal/cope with pain. Some turn outward…blaming, criticizing, putting down or hurting others (physically or emotionally). Others turn inward…blaming themselves, feeling like all is their fault/something they did, like a loser…they turn to alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, self-injury or anything to numb the pain. We all find ways to cope…and whatever we find that works, we stick with…we are all the same…

  2. Paul J.

    My daughter told me about this organization. Thanks for posting about it.
    And, thanks for coming by the blog. I’ve added you to my daily reader as well as linked you on my site. (love the blog’s name, by the way!!!)
    Paul J.

  3. faithwalk

    We’ve had first hand experience with girls who cut, also with severe eating disorders. It is so heartbreaking because of what’s beneath and behind it all that gets it started.
    May Jesus love be shed abroad in our hearts, that we would reach out to these who need our love and support.

    Thank you for addressing this David.

    We didn’t make it to Ireland sadly, but hopefully next time. It still was an incredible trip and we are blessed to have gone. But my heart longs to get to Ireland still!

    Blessings to you,


  4. Sarah

    I’ve had the priviledge to work with some of those involved with To Write Love On Her Arms. It’s something that I’ve followed closely since it’s beginning. Right now I’m working on bringing them to speak at the University of Florida.
    It’s heartbreaking to see so much brokenness in the world, but it’s encouraging to know that there are people out there (and parents too! awesome!) who are sharing a message of hope…

  5. Anonymous

    Yeah… guess what people? I am one of these people that you all are talking about. I started freshman year and stopped junior year b/c I got help from parents (ugh), youthpastor, a certain friend, therapist, etc. I had also stopped for about about 6or7 months, but guess what? I’m back doing it some again. It’s not near as bad as it was, … but I still have sort of a relapse problem with it. Figures… . People may have asked “why?” but I truthfully don’t have an answer for it. I am a huge supporter of TWLOHA, but I haven’t yet been able to completely sToP. So yeah… these things happen. And just to let ya’ll know,… people who cut are not necessarily “suicidal.”


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