More cowbell!

Haven’t had much time to post this week, so I thought I’d add some filler with one of my all time favorite SNL skits.

OK — the video has been removed from YouTube, but you can watch it here.


5 thoughts on “More cowbell!

  1. Aaron

    HILARIOUS! That is one of my favorite Will Farrell clips. So funny.

    You alright brother? Haven’t heard from you lately so i thought I would check in on you. Sorry about the train wreck this weekend at AC180. I think we are back on-line and set up again. That’s what happens when they leave this thing in my hands!

    Hope all is well. Cavs in 7??????

  2. David Post author

    Yeah, Aaron…things are great. Just really busy! I sent you a separate e-mail so as not to bore the others!

    Thanks for checking in, bro.


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