Starving Jesus…let go.

I love this short film. It really touches me. How hard it is to let go…

“I am born again lazy.”

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7 thoughts on “Starving Jesus…let go.

  1. Rachel

    That was awesome! I love that line, DO SOMETHING! I just posted it on my blog right before I read this!
    Could we even begin to imagine what our world would look like if every Christian started following the Lord wholeheartedly??? We could change the world. What a great challenge!

    Thanks for the reminder. God has called us to be holy!

  2. expreacherman

    Am I too much of an old fogey to see through the symbolism?

    Salvation is simply trusting Jesus for your eternal life, ONE TIME! Our all sufficient Savior!!

    Service to my Savior is not, “letting go” — but simply serving Him where I am right now.

    I guess if I had to “let go” before I ever shared Christ with anyone, I would have shared Christ with no one.

    Service to our Savior is doing…. right now.

    In Christ eternally,


  3. Grits n' Grace Post author

    TT – Hmm, not sure…uh, try again?

    ExPreach – Ha, I wouldn’t say that…the video touched me because I’m like a tape that keeps rewinding. I do trust Jesus. Really, I do. BUT…I find myself falling, doubting, trying to rely on my humanity. I do “know” that the Lord is who he says he is and I believe in his promise. But, my humanity clouds things at times. It just does. That is where I am weak. But in my weakness…HE IS STRONG!

  4. expreacherman


    Yes — We ARE weak but He is strong… but He is strong on OUR (Believers) behalf..

    Thus I go blithely along — knowing he will do what He promises — fulfilling all His promises.

    In Christ eternally,



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