Who are you calling a moron?

Have you ever been driving along and have someone pull out in front of you even though there was not another car in sight? Why couldn’t they just pull out calmly into the wide open road behind you? So, after maybe using a few of your bowling words and suggestions for where they might park their car, you calm down and continue your drive home.

That happened to me last night. But, instead of scraping the bottom of my vocabulary, it reminded me of a time several years ago when me and my son were in the car together. He was about 4-years old at the time. I had just picked him up from my in-laws house and pulled out on to a very busy road in Houston and headed home. I’d just gotten up to speed when another driver decided he’d rather be in my lane than his own. After I slammed on the brakes, I looked over at my son and said, “How many morons do they allow on the road at one time?” He looked at me with his huge innocent blues and said, “Just you and me daddy.” I lost it. The stress of the moment was instantly melted by laughter. He had no idea why we were laughing so hard. It didn’t matter. For that split moment, life was never better.


4 thoughts on “Who are you calling a moron?

  1. Linda

    LOL! This was great! Aren’t children wonderful? They just seem to have the right words to say at the RIGHT time! Thank you for sharing. I needed the laugh.


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