I am humble…

thinkingblogger.jpg Wow… Blessed1 at Daily Blessings has humbled me with the Thinking Blogger Award. It blesses and encourages me to know that God can use my random blurbs to touch others. I am also humbled that the award is given to me from one whose words have inspired and entertained me. Thank you.

I now have the opportunity to hand out the award to five blogs that make ME think. Blessed1, you know how I’ve been “diggin'” your blog for a while now and I would choose yours if you had not already been so rewarded. Two other blogs I was considering have also been given the award: Rindy and Vibrance in Ministry. I wanted to mention them because they are indeed thought-provoking blogs. There are so many good blogs to consider. My tastes are all over the board, so I’m choosing blogs that not only share a faith, but also make me think in a variety of ways.

I’m choosing blogs that:

  • stretch me intellectually and creatively
  • make me think about how different yet how similar we all are
  • make me laugh
  • share life’s triumphs and struggles
  • sometimes make me go, “Huh?”

    While each blog may not have all of these attributes, each seems to meet me where I need to be met when I get there. So, in no particular order…

    (For some reason, the Griswold-Family-Christmas-Vacation-drum-roll is playing in my mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    Arms Wide Open

    Faith Walk

    Morning Star Poetry

    Total Transformation

    Christian Men


    Please repost this award on your site and list five others you’d like to award! Also, please link back to this post, so we can track this award and to whom it goes.

    God’s peace,


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