The King of “Scion”???


“Join our church! Win a car!”

No joke. The church’s website is here.

Wonder how many mouths could have been fed had they sold or raffled the car…


7 thoughts on “The King of “Scion”???

  1. divinescribble

    When you have to resort to gimmicks to entice people to attend your church…Christ is lost somewhere. I imagine the disappointment for the dozens of children who did NOT win a Wii!!! They’ll never want to go back.


  2. timbob

    Greetings. Wow! It appears that the form of godliness is taking on new facades every day. The sad thing is that something which looks like a parady, is in fact a serious effort to fill the church. Perhaps they should also throw in the Geico caveman. Thanks for bringing to light another display of absurdity nun amock.
    have a blessed day in christ.


  3. faithwalk

    Oh dear, may the Lord have mercy on us all!
    What in the world is the church coming to??? Ahhh… the world that’s what.
    But we are not of the world if we love Christ…

    Jesus, help us to be real and more like you!




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