Are we in denial?

denial.jpg “and the Lord turned and looked at Peter; and Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how he had said to him, “Before the cock crows today, you will deny me three times.” –Luke 22:61
I read Luke 22 yesterday and I find myself stuck on verse 61. Actually, I’m stuck on one word…”look”. While Jesus was being interrogated, he turned to look at Peter as he denied him for the third time. How did Jesus look at Peter? Was he angry? Was he upset? Was he sad? What kind of expression did Jesus have that caused Peter to weep so bitterly? I believe Jesus looked at Peter with great sorrow and pity. Peter was very confident in his strength and loyalty to Jesus. But Peter was relying on his own strength. Peter, now fearing for his own life, denied Jesus just as Jesus had warned him he would. Peter became so filled with sorrow for having denied and offending Jesus that all he could do was weep with severe grief and regret. I can only imagine the look on Jesus’ face and how that look filled Peter with such pain. I tried to remember the most gut-wrenching cry I’ve experienced and it probably pales in comparison to what Peter was feeling.

What would I have done if I was Peter? I can only pray that I would have had the strength and confidence in the Lord to overcome the persecution. I pray that Jesus will not look at me the way he looked at Peter. That is also my prayer for the body of believers in the times ahead.



7 thoughts on “Are we in denial?

  1. faithwalk

    I have always wondered how I would have reacted if in Peters shoes, or in the garden when Jesus asked them to pray and they fell asleep. Would I have been any different?
    I earnestly pray that if we ever face the test, we will by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be willing to die for our faith. We do have the Holy Spirit which Peter did not…

    Oh Lord, may we be filled with your love, grace and stength, for we are weak, but you are strong!

    Bless you David,


  2. mcalmond

    “I can only pray that I would have had the strength and confidence in the Lord to overcome the persecution. I pray that Jesus will not look at me the way he looked at Peter. That is also my prayer for the body of believers in the times ahead.”

    Amen Peter, as do I, brother.

    Blessings in the Lord Jesus Christ!

  3. divinescribble

    I always wondered why Peter didn’t stop after the first denial. He had to remember Jesus’ prediction that he would deny him…so why didn’t he hold his tongue after the first one? The simple answer is, of course, that prophecy wouldn’t have been true if Peter had acted differently, but I think it speaks also to Peter’s need to protect his own life and future.

    We all act out of that same selfishness and fear daily. I know I do and it is often tempting to hide the fact that I am a Christian for fear someone’s reaction to me will be a negative one. I am sure I have done it without knowing at time as well.

    I’ll join you in that prayer for the body of believers, David!


  4. Scotti

    Oh, this is a heartbreaking verse, isn’t it? I will join you all in prayer for believers to stand strong in faith under persecution and adversity.

    You know what else I find absolutely amazing about Peter’s denial? It is how Jesus responds to Peter the next time he is with Peter face to face. After His resurrection, our Lord did not ignore Peter or seek revenge or say ‘I told you so’. In John 21, we see that Jesus helped him catch fish and showed him nothing but tenderness and forgiveness. Not only that, but Jesus entrusted Peter with feeding His sheep. Wow! Yes, it is true that sin grieves our Holy God but if we truly repent as Peter did, our loving God is eager to forgive. God’s faithfulness never fails! Nothing can separate us from the love of God! Praise His Holy Name.


  5. blessed1

    I pray that God would have used my faith or failure to His will, if I were in Peter’s shoes. I would love to imagine that I’d be the strong one, but I know I’m human and so was Peter. He was guilty of failure, but he also loved the Lord with all his heart…just as most of us do too.
    Thank you for stopping by my site and leaving such a nice comment. Your site is inspiring and I’m glad I found it too. Another site I would recommend is:


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