God, is that you?

old_phone.jpg One of the simplest definitions of a calling that I’ve heard is “that which just keeps calling”. Regardless of vocation or circumstances, something that just keeps popping in there. One of my biggest struggles has always been discerning God’s call. Music has always been a passion of mine and it’s that “thing” that is always there. Although I have a “real” job, I’ve always struggled wondering if I’ve ignored, or misinterpreted, God’s call? After playing in many secular bands over the years I eventually turned my music over to God. For a while, I was very prolific writing music for God. I started leading worship and felt I had it all figured out. I was making contacts and was very close to pursuing “Christian Music” as my vocation. Then the doubt set in. Who am I doing this for? God? Me? The way I see it, I have three choices. It is either God, Satan, or my own selfish desire. Which one is it? How can I be sure?

I ask these questions in a somewhat rhetorical tone, but discerning the will of God for our lives is something we all struggle with from time to time. We are to use scripture, prayer, Godly counsel, circumstance and other methods of discernment, but how do you know? Is it a lack of trust?

I stumbled upon this article that addresses the topic.

God, is that you?



6 thoughts on “God, is that you?

  1. timbob

    Greetings. its been a while since I made it over here. That is a great definition of a calling. “It just keeps calling. It’s something that ; when it’s there, we’ll just kow it’s there. The questions that we often ponder; is it my own ambition? Is it the enemy? will always pop up but i really think that a calling will continue nafing at us and not go away. A number of things that I’m seeking concerning this. Things which are on my heart, but I see no physical way for them to take place. So it’s truly in Gods hands and out of mine. To learn to be content in whatsoever state we’re in is priceless and biblical. Thanks for the post. I’ll try to stop in more often.
    Have a blessed day in Christ.


  2. faithwalk

    Hello Grits, this is a good question and one we all ask from time to time. When there is peace and our spirit quickens, drawing us closer to Jesus that usually settles it for me; it is the Lord!

    The who am I to think I could do this sounds kind of like condemnation and self doubt.
    All I know is this, if something is of the Lord He will make a way, even when there is no way! He is so very faithful to us!

    Blessings to you! may the voice of God become increasingly clear to all of us!


  3. Grits n' Grace Post author

    Yes, we just got back from Ireland. I hope to post a few more pics. It’s an amazing place, indeed. We just loved the country and people. A true blessing for us. We all felt like we were home there. Caed Mile Failte! Have you been?

    And oh, I enjoy visting your blog.



  4. faithwalk

    Hello David! The Lord willing we will be in Ireland sometime in May! It has been in my heart to go to Eire every time I have been in Scotland, but it seems the Lord is directing our path there this time.

    Do you know people there? Did you minister there anywhere and what did the Lord speak to your heart while you were there?
    I would love to hear about your time there!

    Feel free to email you if you are so inclined to share! ๐Ÿ™‚ And please, share the pics!

    Thank you and Bless you brother!
    Our God reigns and He is so faithful and good!




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