Evidence for God From Science


I stumbled upon this web site some time ago when I was looking for answers to questions I had regarding how science might actually prove the existence of God rather than disproving God, as so many scientists strive to do. It’s a very interesting site. It asks all of the hard questions and provides hard core answers. The author’s testimony is certainly worth a read. Very interesting web site for the geeky Christian in all of us.


The heavens declare the glory of God…Psalm 19


2 thoughts on “Evidence for God From Science

  1. Aaron

    Very cool. Lee Strobel has some incredible stuff as well. He was an Atheist that was determined to get to the bottom of the fact that there is no God. Wouldn’t you know that all he could find was the truth. He has a book called “Case for a Creator” that is pretty amazing. Great find.

  2. Grits n' Grace Post author

    Nicky Gumbel and CS Lewis are other examples of men trying to argue against God and ending up fighting with Him.

    Funny how God can always be found in the truth, eh? (he said tongue in cheek…)



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