Charm and potential…

fixer-upper.jpg Those are two words that no longer exist in my vocabulary. At least as far as describing homes is concerned. Several years ago, my wife and I though it would be “fun” to purchase and refurbish an old home. I mean, after all, if Bob Villa could do it, so can we! After much searching, we found it…a 1912 Victorian. Sure, it needed some work and we’d spend a lot of nights and weekends refurbishing our soon-to-be dream home. Who could resist all of that charm and potential!? Long story short…after 7 years (ahem), we decided we had had just about as much charm and potential as we could bare and sold it and moved to a house that was only 9 months old.

We had some old photos of the house (no, it’s not the house pictured above) and in it’s day, that old house was glorious. However, years of little or no maintenance had really taken their toll on that once grand house. Were the previous owners not able to afford the upkeep? Were they lazy? Or, were they just too busy?

I ran across the picture above and my first thought was, “Boy, I feel how that old place looks!” My house (my body, God’s temple) is in need of overdue and much needed maintenance. I asked myself the same questions. Am I lazy? Or, am I just too busy? If I was honest, I’d answer “at times” and “VERY!” respectively. But what am I so busy doing? Work is crazy, we’re involved in my daughter’s spring events, there’s always something going at church, it’s tax time, the laundry’s backing up, the dog needs bathing, the house needs cleaning, and oh yeah, maybe we should eat something. You get the picture and chances are, you are all in a similar battle with time. Busyness becomes an idol.

So, where does God fit in? Lately, my prayer time is during those few minutes before I get up in the morning when I’m really more interested in going back to sleep. If I’m going to commit to building my relationship with God, then He doesn’t need to be just another task on my list of things to do. He needs to be at the TOP of the list and have the greatest priority.

My challenge is to make maintaining His temple my priority. So, right now I feel like that old house. I’m loaded with charm and potential and with a lot of work, I’ll be the grand house He wants to live in.



“Be Still and know that I am God” — Ps 46:10


3 thoughts on “Charm and potential…

  1. cutfromtherock

    Great post, man. I was just praying for God to purify me as his temple yesterday. I was asking him to give me wisdom and strength to admit my faults and change to his image. I pray we bring him glory as his temples.


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